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What is TeamSpeak

TeamSpeak is a proprietary voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) application for audio communication between users on a chat channel, much like a telephone conference call. Users typically use headphones with a microphone. The client software connects to a TeamSpeak server of the user's choice, from which the user may join chat channels.

The target audience for TeamSpeak is gamers, who can use the software to communicate with other players on the same team of a multiplayer game. Communicating by voice gives a competitive advantage by enabling players to keep their hands on the controls.


The TeamSpeak server runs as a dedicated server on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux and FreeBSD and uses a client based user interface or a command-line interface to control server administration and configuration. TeamSpeak clients are available for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android.

The TeamSpeak 3 server can be used at no cost for up to 32 slots (simultaneous users). For non-commercial use, non-profit licenses are available that allow to use the server with up to 512 slots (users) at a time. With the use of 512 slots server admins can choose to split up the slots into multiple virtual server instances (up to 2).


If you are looking to host your own you certainly can do that, however CrNet (Hosting this site) is able to provide that service for you. For more information on our services visit

TeamSpeak How-To's

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